The minimum age and height for SuperSplash Sports Park is 6 years old and 42 inches (107cm) tall. 6 and 7 year olds require a parent/guardian with them on the inflatable at all times.

Yes, you are required to accompany children 6 and 7  years old. Children 8 and up are recommended to swim with a buddy.

No. We’re sorry but you do need to wear a life jacket provided by us. This allows us to identify you easily from a distance as a paid player. All have a number marked on them which enables us to log how many players are on the park. Our life jackets are top qualify and Transport Canada approved.

Yes! You will receive a wrist band and this will allow you to come and go. If the wrist band begins to break, we ask that you come to our kiosk tent before it completely falls off and we’ll happily replace it for you. We also ask that you return the life jacket to us to hang up each time you come off the SuperSplash as we do not like these lying around on the  grass, and trees. If you can remember the number on your life jacket, this will make it super-easy for us to grab it for you again.

The 2-hour Splash Pass is for two consecutive hours. For example, if the wrist band is purchased at 11:15, it will expire at 1:15. The expiry time will be written on your wrist band and life guards will sometimes ask to see your wrist band to confirm your end time.

We are open 7 days a week from 11:00 AM to 7:30 PM from late June until Labour Day, weather permitting. Splash Pass sales end at 6:30 PM and we clear the sports park at 7:00 PM, allowing you time to return to your vehicle as the Quarry closes at 7:30 PM.

At this point we do not offer any adult-only times.

Weekdays are usually less busy than weekends but there is no one particular day that is always the least busy.

For the 2024 season and due to limited capacity, we will only be able to offer upgrades to a Full Day pass, if space on the SuperSplash allows.

Yes, we do offer a 10% discount for groups of 10+ players. All Splash Passes would need to be purchased as one transaction for the discount to apply.

Visit our Group Bookings page for more information and to complete and submit a Group Booking form.

Yes, we do host exclusive events at the SuperSplash where the park would be closed to the public and open exclusively for your group. Please contact us at 519-808-5121 for details as this will be dependent on which day and time frame you’re interested in.

Yes, everyone needs to complete our waiver before accessing the SuperSplash once per season. We keep them on file for one summer. You are welcome to complete the waiver here online before coming out to save yourself time at the beach. All minors under the age of 18 need a parent or legal guardian to complete the waiver for them.

We encourage you to have their parents or legal guardians complete the waiver for them. The waiver can be completed online at any time and is valid for one season.

The SuperSplash Sports Park opens daily unless we forecast thundershowers and storms for more than half the day. We do remain open during brief showers and rain as players on the park are generally wet already and enjoy playing in the rain. If thundershowers are brief during the day, we evacuate the park for the duration of the storm and remain closed for 30 minutes after the last strike of lightning to ensure the storm has passed. When we reopen, we then offer extensions to anyone with a 2 hour pass.

If we are closed for the day, this information will be posted on our website and on our social media.

Do not worry and simply have fun! Our lifeguards and staff are always listening and observing the weather conditions. We watch for lightning and listen for thunder to observe how far away the weather cell is. If it is too close, we will close and evacuate the park immediately. Three blasts of the air horn signal the order to evacuate the water park. We find that a lot of times thunderstorms seem to pass just of the SuperSplash.

The SuperSplash remains open during rain as many players find that they are wet anyway and it’s a lot of fun to play in the rain!

The SuperSplash is one of the largest water parks of its kind in all of Canada with a large player capacity as well. We strive to keep our line-ups short and we work very hard to get you and your group out into the fun as fast as possible.

It’s always best to book ahead, because then your places at the SuperSplash are guaranteed!

If you choose to not book ahead and there is available capacity when you arrive, please know that there may be a brief wait to access the sports park. On weekends we are generally busy, with a higher chance of line ups and on those days we often sell out of Full Day passes by early afternoon as well.

We do not offer any pre-booking except for larger groups of 10+. If you are with a larger group, please complete our booking form which provides us with a little more information so we can prepare for your group’s arrival.

Yes, the SuperSplash Sports Park has a capacity of 120 players at one time.

There is no weight restriction. You must be able to wear a SuperSplash life jacket. Our life jackets expand to a size XXXL. 

Yes! When the obstacle course is wet it is very slippery.

Yes you can. We just ask that they are clean.

Yes, you need to be a strong swimmer to access SuperSplash. There is a swim test: swim out to the lane ropes, if you are able to swim the distance you will be allowed access to the SuperSplash inflatable. If you cannot swim the distance, a lifeguard will identify you and you will not be permitted. 

The water is 23 – 25 ft deep.

The Ice Tower and Action Tower are the tallest at 14 feet.

The SuperSplash Sports Park is located in the St. Marys Quarry. There is an entrance fee for the Quarry. The fees are youth $5.00, Adult $7.50. Because the SuperSplash is a separate business with a lease to operate in the Quarry, there is no combined price. Please refer to St. Marys Quarry website for their entrance fees.

Yes, for sure! You will want to recharge with lots of food and water.
Food and drinks are not allowed out on the SuperSplash Sports Park however. 

Bring a picnic or purchase food at the St. Marys Quarry concession, sorry bbq’s are not permitted. 

Yes, there is a concession on site. Please refer to the St. Marys Quarry website for more information.

Yes, there is a large swimming area for those who are not on the Super Splash.

Yes parking is available. There is parking on the street at no cost.

Sorry, the ONLY time refunds are given is if we have to close the SuperSplash for the rest of the day before half your time has expired. If we’re able to reopen later in the day, we will give you an extension on your 2 hour Splash Pass.

We do not offer any special prices in this case however if an individual requires a full-time aid, we will provide the aid with a free pass to accompany the player.

No, they do not. However please don’t lose them as they cannot be replaced.

The SuperSplash’s last day of the season is Labour Day.

Yes you may, but be aware that if it falls into the water it will not be retrievable. Because of the bungies and tethers that anchor the water park, we do not allow any diving and it is also very difficult to see anything under the water.

Yes, the water park will close if there’s a thunderstorm. It will reopen 30 minutes after the last occurence of lightening/thunder.

Your tickets will be rescheduled if less than one hour of play has passed. If more than one hour of play has passed, you will not be refunded.

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